Saturday, March 26, 2011

Degupan Jantung

I am desperately searching for my heart
Obviously in the `WANTED’ section
Yet never found
Because you took it

I tried to grasp my heart
With both of my hands
Yet it being washed away by the ocean

But until the day I met you
With simply words; greeting
With simply hang around; meeting
With simply gesture; waving hands
It slowly begin to beat again

You feed me with laughs
It bright my day
Kept me going
Even a day look as dark as night
Gave me the hope for the better day tomorrow

You feed me with tears
It broke my heart
Make me want to stop it
But at the end we made it through
We learned our mistakes

Nothing can hold us
Even circumstances have pulled us apart
We are separated by many miles
I pray to Allah sincerely; will hopefully it never end
Our memories keep my heart continuously beating
I hope they are always grow and flourish in my hearts


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